It sounds like a lot and it is, I have now bieng involved in at least 1000 weddings in the 25 years I have done wedding here at Madsens. No wonder my hands are shaking.. And I have seen a lot of differant human nature which perhaps comes out more on this particular day than any other day. Not only do I have to deal with the Bride and the Groom but also the couples parents and sometimes also the guests.

Weddings have changed a lot from the day that I got married and as well from the day we startede in the buissness.

When I got married we were young. I got married in 1967. At that time you got married in the ages between 18 and 25. It was primarily the parrants who paid and planned the wedding then. Now most weddings at least that we have are couples which have lived together for some years and typically already have a kid or two. Now the couple are in full control of what the want as well as paying for it. However that does not mean that one or more of the parrants have some demands on the facilities or decors.

When I started we were a full production greenhouse as well as a full service gardencenter. Inside the so called banquet hall we were growing hanging baskets in all sizes, hanging from the ceiling everywhere. The greenhouse in which now house the bar, it was just a production greenhouse with growing tables full of plants or just growing tables with no plants. The lighting was not special just industrial fluorescent.

The parking lot was much smaller, one quarter of the back was full of tall weeds, and in the front three rows were full of skids of soil, fertilizer, briks and pots. Not pritty to say the least. Further to that, right up against the greenhouses in the full length was a deep draining’s ditch’s and the bride and groom, yes as well as all their guests, had to walk over a plank, just a plank, to get in to the greenhouses. The front door was just a normal wooden greenhouse door, nothing fancy. Later a steel bridge was installed.

The dance floor was in the early years two wooden platforms on iether side of the DJ. station, later a propper dance floor was made right in front of the DJ. not where it is now.

But you know what, every wedding was an succes and the buissness gru by words of mouth, we have never advertised. We have still brides from those dayes comming to say hello and too see what we are doing now. They of cause like how things are now but at the same time always maintain their wedding was the bedst.

As I got interested in the buissness I startede to develop or change the greenhouses in to accommodate more sophisticated weddings. However the more I change or try to be accomadating the more demanding weddings are becoming and now with the great exposer to wedding shows on tv and to wedding planners weddings has become big buissness.

I like the buissness and know we have something special here and I can guarantee you will never find better service that here, however it is very demanding and therefore it is mostly a young person buissness. Someday I will write my personal feelings about the wedding industry. This is after all a day most people concider to be the most important day off their live.