We provide officiants who are flexible, easy going, and will bring joy to your special occasion.


We provide Officiant Services

  • A flexible, easy going Officiant who enjoys a good laugh.
  • Many years of experience
  • Non-religious, contemporary and personalized ceremonies.


John Mckibbon

John Mckibbon has for years been the first to say this here at Madsens '  "and I now presents to you for the first time Mr. and Mrs..... perhaps the next couple is You?

John is a tall Irish mand with a sence of humor, now retired from the church he performs  personalized wedding service tailored just for you. John however is not the only one, we have two officiants as standby's, we are never without one.

For John check him out

Your rehearsal and chapel informations.

AT time of signing the contract at Madsen's you will be given a little booklet printed by Rev.John McKibbon. It contains a sample ceremony and is fine as it reads and many couples choose to use it without any changes and simple highlight one of the wows and ring exchange of the three in the booklet. Some choose to personalize the ceremony. You can also write your own vovs or have a family member go down memory lane. In any case the officiaters are there to help you.

The Madsen's team of Ministers is led by Rev. John McKibbon who has been conducting ceremonies here at Madsen's since 1996. Recently, Richard Moore and Jeff McQueen  from the Clergy Support Memorial Church have joined our team, they are licensed by the Registra General of Ontario. In addition to the weddings they also conduct Baptisms and civil naming ceremonies. Should you have any questions about your wedding ceremony you may contact us at any time.


We suggest that you print on the invitations that the guests arrive a half hour before the start time of the ceremony [Exsample: Wedding @ 4:30 Ceremony @ 5:00 pm] this provides time for friendly socialization as well as guests arriving on time.

Our Officiant usually arrives in time to first meet the Groom, then time permitting also meet with the Bride. During the meetings he review the documentation (Please assure sufficient postage on the licence envelope) and a final review of the ceremony.


Your officiiant has been given your info. and will contact you to set a day and time for you to come to the greenhouses for the rehearsal. He, the Officiant, will at the rehearsal prepare you for what will happen on your wedding day. He will show you where to stand and where you walk in from and in which order.

You should before arriving have decided whether the girls and boys are going in together or are the boys already standing up in front with the minister. Also, you should have decided if the Groom is bringing in his parents or not, and if both parents are not walking the bride down the aisle then who is walking in the Brides mother?

The order of entrance; First Groom and parents, then Brides mother, then the bridemates the Maid of Honour last, then the ring bearer and then the flower girl. Finally the Bride with her father taking his left arm.

The Grooms parents should be seated before the mother of the Bride walks in, and she should be seated before the first bridemate walks in. then a Bridemate walks in every10 to 15 seconds and so on. the bride walks in when DJ. gives her the signal.

The DJ. will on the day itself handle all the music and control volume. Contact him early for chapel music. He will however not be present at rehearsal time.

The officiant will go through the wedding service with you, that you know whats going to happen and when. the whole thing should not take more than 45 minutes but one hour is alloved.Please respect the officiators time and arrive on time..   



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