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We have always strived to give you , the best that we can. This is after all 'your day" and we want to give you a great experience, an experience that you will look back, on with only good no!... great memories

Dynamic Music Solutions DJ's are experts at working with people of all ages and always display high standards of behavior, attire, etiquette and professionalism.

We know you want to have your guests up on the dance floor all night long having the time of their lives.... and so do we. We pay attention to your party! Our team of DJ's will get your guests up out of their chairs and on the dance floor all night long. 


All you need to know about your DJ.

Question: Do we need to contact the DJ ourselves?

 Answer: No, the DJ. gets your information from us, he will contact you.

Q. can we have a say in what music we like to have played?

 A. Yes,when contacted you can discuss what type of music you want to have played. Sometimes he is presented with a playlist from the Bride and groom; you can do that as well but keep in mind our DJ. is a professionel DJ. and therefore knows how to fill the dance floor playing the right music for your guests.

Q. We like our music loud can he do this?                                                                       

A. our DJ. is restricted by us to keep the music to a level which our neighbors can tolerate but at the same time loud enough for the partygoers to have a great time . Guests sitting by the dance floor have to shout to each other over the music, to be heard. In other words, the dance music is plenty loud.

Q.Does the DJ. take requests?

 A. Yes he will be more than happy to play requests,

Q.Can the DJ. MC. our wedding?

 A.Yes but there will be a fee for this, payable to the DJ. directly.

Q. Do we need to tip the DJ.?

 A. No, you do not need to tip the DJ. however, I think it would be nice if you did especially if you thought he did a great job.If not tipping then at least thank him, after all, he is a big part of your wedding.                                                                                




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