Are the greenhouses heated?

Yes, the greenhouses are heated and awalible all year.

Are the greenhouses air conditioned?

No, it is physical impossible to air condition the greenhouses, but they are cooled with cooling fans, which make it quite comfortable but it is not air condition.

Can I bring my own DJ.?

No you have to use our professional DJ’s. they are included in the price of the hall.

What about a band?

No, sorry we can not accommodate a live band for the dansing

but you can have live music in the chapel and for cocktail hour

but check with management first.

What about food can I bring my own cater?

No you must use our in house cater, trust me you are better of anyway

he is only 5 minutes away.

How many guests can it hold?

We can accommodate a total of 240 people.

The bar is our own, how does that work?

You go to the LCBO. and get a licens for the evening

you purchase what you like your guests to drink

and we serve it. No corking fees, you take back everything

empty and full bottels. We have all the mixing.

Keep in mind that we or our bartenders are under the same rules as a regular bar

and refuses to serve intoxicated people.
Also no shots will be alloved,

Can the party go on a little longer than 1am?

No, sorry the DJ. stop right at 1am the caters start to

clean up right at 1am and the bar stops right at 1am

if not earlier.