You have now booked and the time for the wedding is creeping closer and closer, and all of sutten panic!

Don’t worry we are here to help. First here are things to remember regarding the venue.

One or two months before if you are using the chapel, we must decide on a time for rehearsal. It is usually a Thursday night, but your officiator will be in contact with you and together you will decide on a time. Since there could be as many as three rehearsals that evening, please show up at the booked time. Well always show up on time please The booking times are usual 6pm, 7pm and 8pm. As you can see we allowe one hour pr. rehearsal.

For the rehearsal bring your marriage license and the little booklet we give you from the minister at time of booking, which is explaining the type of service the officiators provide. in this booklet there are two things that you must choose. If you do not make your own wows you must choose one of the three suggestions in the booklet. In the booklet are also three suggestions in regards to the ring service, choose one of them please. the rest of the booklet, we can talk about at the rehearsal if you are not sure.

In regards to the music you like to have played for the chapel then if you are having musicians playing at the service, you can let us know as soon as you can. If they need to be amplified, they must bring all their own equipment. We have all the traditional chapel music on CDs. If you like the DJ. to play music you have chosen yourselves,  please let him know in good time, you can always ask him for help with this.

In the hall.

If you are having the party at Madsen’s then you can arrange to bring everything that you are going to need on the day of the wedding, such as all the booze, all your decorations, etc. some days before your day, that way we will look after it and thereby you can better relax on the day of your wedding your stuff is already here.

Fridays wedding usual are sat up on the Thursday, but this can not always be garentiet. Sunday weddings can pick up on Mondays.
Because of the many back to back wedding that also means that if your wedding is on a Friday or Saturday you must remove everything of yours that same night so that we can clean and set up the hall again for the next wedding that same night. We will look after all garbage and things you do not want anymore. remember if you are doing your own chair covers, the must be removed that night.

The floor plan is very important to us and we need that floor plan at least two days before your day. Therefore for Friday weddings, since you have rehearsal on the Thursday, it is too late for you to bring it to us at that rehearsal. We need it no later than wedensday morning. The same goes for Saturday and Sunday please get it to us as soon as you can. On the floor plan please also let us know if you need buffet tables, cake table or having a photo booth or candy table or anything else which would need a table. They more we know about your set up the better we can help you.

Use this link to download floor plan