If you are looking for something different, then your Perfect Wedding Venue is here in Newmarket.

Madsen's Greenhouses was originally just a greenhouse. However later it was transformed as a retail garden centre. In the process of making it a retail outlet some of the greenhouses were transformed into indoor gardens with tropical trees and vines, planted right in the ground.

The transformation was so stunning that we were asked, if they could rent the space for a wedding dinner, and yes of course why not; and the wedding business was born.The first year we had one wedding, in thesecond year we had three and now twenty five years later to host more than hundred weddings per year.

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About Our Facilities

Madsen’s Greenhouse Banquet and Chapel is uniquely landscaped as a tropical paradise available all year. At night  miniature lights illuminates the ceiling as well as some of the trees. This makes for romantic mood lighting.

The approximated 14,000 sq .ft. of hall space is all yours, so lots of room to mingle, your guests will appreciate the relaxed atmosphere.

Our seating capacity is 240 people + staff.

It comes with it's own DJ.

It also provides it's own smart-serve bartenders, as well as all barmix, ice, glasses etc.

Alochol is not included, you will have to obtain a permit from LCBO and will have to source your own liquor. Once, sourced please have the liquor delievered at the venue. We will serve it at no extra cost, no corking fees or up-charges.

Our cater (See the catering service options available) will provide the food. You will deal directly with the catrer. 


    Madsen's Greenhouses is a 'Greenhouses' that was build to grow plants and creates conditions that you would not expect in a regular hall. Here are some of those conditions'

    The roof is made of clear plastic so that the plants getthe light needed for survival. However, that also creates heat, and even though we shade the greenhouse from the sun as much as we can in the summer, the greenhouses can be very hot at times. We can not air-condition the greenhouses, and it is practically impossible but we do have coolings fans which does cool the air and makes it comfortable by dinner time, but it is not air-conditioned.

    On a sunny day, you are out in the outdoor chapel, after chapel you have the garden and the patio to relax in with cocktails in your hand, in otherwords you are not stuck at your table in the heat. By dinner time, 7pm everything is usually very comfortable. Through the years we have had weddings on the hottest day of the year many a times and everyone always had a great time.

    As a greenhouse, though it does not drip in the banquet hall, when it rain there could be places where you see a little drips here and there. It can also drip in the winter time because of the condensation. This however there is nothing to be worried about.

    Just somethings you should know.



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