We provide facilities and excellent services to help you have a spectacular event. Whether your looking for a classy, fun, sophisticated venue we are the right choice for you.


We have by now done more than 1000 weddings in our wedding chapels
We are the experts’. You know you are in good hands when you come here

First ask questions as many you like. Then it all starts with the rehearsal where we will go through where you stand when and how you walk, what music to play as well what the minister will say and when he will say it, like the rings the vow’s you are saying to each other. We make sure that every thing is covered and everything is understood. Then on the day it self we are there to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Our Pricing; The price for the chapel is $1000 plus tax. it includes what you see in the box below. We do not any longer offer chapel services other than the 5pm chapel with the hall. to much stress, sorry.

  • Minister or bring your own

    Rehearsal. One hour on a thursday night

    Chapel Co-ordinator on the day of the wedding

    CD. operator for music in the chapel

    No one can offer what we have, namely piece of mind