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thousands of miniature lights illuminate the ceiling and make for romantic mood lighting.Approximately 14,000 sq. ft.

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Welcome to the Madsen's. No other place like it



   2019 is almost booked out, please look at event calendar for dates and 2020 is half way gone please refer to event calendar.

Just opend up June 7 2019 is available.

Welcome to our web site. We hope it will give you an idea of what we can offer. However, even a  good web- site can not compete with the real thing, remember we would not book as fast as we do if our venue is not something special, therefore before you make up your mind, come for a look and a chat, then make your decision..

We the owners Ole and Lisbeth Madsen have operated Madsen's greenhouses since 1971 and have from the early 1990 performed weddings at the greenhouses.. It is now recognized as one of the most beautiful and fun places in all of Ontario where to hold a wedding.


I must say I do not like it, but it is here, and it is legal. However we will restrict where you can smoke Cannabis here at Madsen's. Using Cannabis will only be allowed on the parking lot, not on the patio, as it will not be fair to force everyone else inhaling the smoke.The smell is quite offencive to many people.                                                                 





We keep striving to make our place better and better, improving where we can. If you have any suggestions please let me know.

Here are some news for 2018 and 19. Please read on.

As you will see I am stepping back from the front of the business a little.

Here is some news for 2018.

All rehearsals will now be conducted by the officiant, not me anymore. The officiant will contact you directly setting up a day and time with you for the rehearsal.All music for the chapel will now be by the DJ. The DJ. will contact  you in this regard. He will however not be there for the rehearsal.

NEW FOR 2019.

There will be an increase in the year 2019 of 3%

This increase will bring the rental for the hall to $7.725.00 on a Saturday and $6.695.00 on a Friday and Sunday.

you now have the choice to go to 1 am and not the usual Midnight closing on a Friday. But

If you choose to go to 1 am then the full price of $7.725.00 will be charged instead of the $6.695.00. The price for ending at midnight. 

Still included in this price is the standard banquet tables and chairs The DJ. is included. (You must use our DJ's) We set up the tables and chairs and do the cleanup after the function.It also includes all standard pop and juices for the bar, one bartender per 100 guests, bar glasses, limon and lime and ice.( Alcohol not included you bring your own)    SOCAN and RE-SOUND also included (Music tax to the  government) (Food not included and you must use our cater. Beer and liquor and taxes not included)

Please read the whole web- site we do not send out anything, everything you need to know is here PRICES, CALENDAR etc. everything is here, then if you like what you see and read, give us a call to book a visit come for a chat we love to see you and talk to you in person.

To find hall and chapel prices go to top click on functions..

To find our DJ, Officiant and Cater go to top click on services.

To see if your favorite day is open, check out the calendar, 2018 and 19 is now on line

Most asked questions.  ???

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NEW, NEW chairs

As a photographer and you have done weddings here, give me pictures for me to post here on my web site 

andI will be happy to link to your web page in return.

You can judge by yourself but here are some photographers and their pictures.

Photographers:  website .



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Our Location

160 Bayview Parkway,
Newmarket, Ontario
Canada L3Y 3W3

just North from Davis Dr. just West from the Hospital. Up the hill then down the hill and you are here. It really is or was a growing Greenhouse you are coming too, not just a green house.

Contact Us

Office (905)853 5900 we are away from the office a lot, but please leave a message,

or email. Email is always the best.

Booking: Lisbeth Madsen (905)953 6146
Ole Madsen for everything else,  (905)251 5054

e mail: [email protected] 


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You can be sure your event is what all your friends end up talking about for the next year when you book here at Madsen's .Make sure to book early we are already getting requests for 2019. 

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