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thousands of miniature lights illuminate the ceiling and make for romantic mood lighting.Approximately 14,000 sq. ft.

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Welcome to the Madsen's. No other place like it

Dear Guests,

I am happy to announce that our beloved place “Madsens'' has been sold to Renaissance By The Creek ( While the new management will continue to uphold the Madsens’ legacy, they have also added some more facilities in order to provide an additional value and to enhance your event experience. We now have a plethora of catering and entertainment options to choose from. Do take a look at our service page for more information or you may reach out to Mr. Albert Finnan at [email protected]com or call at 905-238-9666 for your event requirements.


We hear you!

Times of upheaval are always time for radical change. The recent pandemic, Covid-19 has thrown some light on the world as it is. It has redefined our very own fabric of normality. The Corona virus has deterred the way used to operate our businesses and has affected some very important days and events in our lives. We, at the Madsens, are doing everything possible to ensure our guests and employees safety. We are taking all the necessary precautions and safety measures to make sure that we provide you with high service and hygiene standards. If you are planning your event during this time, then please reach out to us at (905)853 5900 so that we can work with you and provide you with everything you need to plan your big day.

… because to us; you matter!


Our Pricing Grid

Venue & Days







Reception area on Fridays




5:00 pm to 12:00 am




$8000 plus taxes +15% service fees

60" round tables 

Regular padded banquet chairs

Bartender(s) 1 per 140 guests

Table and chair set-up





Reception area on Saturdays




5:00 pm to 1:00 am




$8000 plus taxes +15% service fees

60" round tables 

Regular padded banquet chairs

Bartender(s) 1 per 140 guests

Table and chair set-up





Reception area on Sundays




4:00 pm to 11:00 pm



$7500 plus taxes +15% service fees


60" round tables 

Regular padded banquet chairs

Bartender(s) 1 per 140 guests

Table and chair set-up



Ceremony Space/ Chapel

Monday- Sunday





 $1000 plus tax + 15% service fees




Reception area on Weekday

For weekday bookings, please contact Mr. Albert Finnan the operations manager at

905-238-9666 or email [email protected]com


* The above rates are effective as of May 2020.

* The rates are not applicable for the signed contracts for 2021

* The above rates do not include food and beverage/ catering service


















event calendar look it up on top of this page.




I must say I do not like it, but it is here, and it is legal. However we will restrict where you can smoke Cannabis here at Madsen's. Using Cannabis will only be allowed on the parking lot, not on the patio, as it will not be fair to force everyone else inhaling the smoke.The smell is also quite offencive to many people.                                                                 





We keep striving to make our place better and better, improving where we can. If you have any suggestions please let me know.



Please read the whole web- site we do not send out anything, everything you need to know is here PRICES, CALENDAR etc. everything is here, then if you like what you see and read, give us a call to book a visit come for a chat we love to see you and talk to you in person, Promis no preasure..Best send email [email protected] 

 click on the functions button to read more..

To find our DJ, Officiant and Cater go to top click on services button. STAY TUNED FOR UPDATES HERE

To see if your favorite day is open, check out the calendar 21-22 is now on line

Most asked questions.  ???



NEW, NEW chairs











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Our Location

160 Bayview Parkway,
Newmarket, Ontario
Canada L3Y 3W3

just North from Davis Dr. just West from the Hospital. Up the hill then down the hill and you are here. It really is or was a growing Greenhouse you are coming too, not just a green house.

Contact Us

Office (905)853 5900 we are away from the office a lot, but please leave a message,

or email. Email is always the best.


e mail: [email protected]